[ Presentations ]
  1. Imprecise Probabilities for Dealing with Decisional Challenges in Performance-based Engineering
    M. de Angelis, E. Patelli, and M. Beer
  2. Reliable Condition Assessment of Structures Using Uncertain or Limited Field Modal Data
    M. Dirbaz, M. Modares, and J. Mohammadi
  3. Handling the Elephant in the Room: Strategies to Address Model Uncertainty in Quantitative Analyses
    S. Ferson
  4. Surrogate Modeling for Mechanized Tunneling Simulations with Uncertain Data
    S. Freitag, B. T. Cao, J. Ninić, and G. Meschke
  5. Structural Design with Polymorphic Uncertainty Models
    W. Graf, M. Götz, and M. Kaliske
  6. From Interval-Valued Probabilities to Interval-Valued Possibilities: Case Studies of Interval Computation under Constraints
    L. Gutierrez, S. Benferhat, M. Ceberio, V. Kreinovich, R. L. Gruver, M. Peña, M. J. Rister, A. Saldaña, J. Vasquez, and J. Ybarra
  7. Decision Making under Interval Uncertainty: What Can and What Cannot Be Computed in Real Time
    O. Kosheleva and V. Kreinovich
  8. Dynamic Analysis of Uncertain Structures Using Imprecise Probability
    M. Modares and J. Bergerson
  9. Recent Advances in Reliability Estimation of Time-dependent Problems Using the Concept of Composite Limit State
    Z. P. Mourelatos, M. Majcher, V. Pandey
  10. Reliability Analysis of Structures with Interval Uncertainties under Stochastic Excitations
    G. Muscolino, R. Santoro, and A. Sofi
  11. Structural Adhesive Behavior: Experimental and Computational Study
    A. Shibli and M. A. Issa
  12. Targeted Random Sampling for Reliability Assessment: A Demonstration of Concept
    M. D. Shields
  13. Life-Cycle Robustness: Prospects and Challenges
    R. Wendner and A. E. Tamparopoulos
  14. Intervals Preserve Medical Information for Research but Protect Patient Privacy
    G. Xiang, J. O’Rawe, V. Krienovich, J. Hajagos, and S. Ferson
  15. Random Number Simulation for the Correlation Between the Allowable Stress Design and the Reliability Analysis
    O. Yoshida
  16. Non-Linear Analysis of Beams with Large deflections – An Interval Finite Element Approach
    R. L. Mullen, R. L. Muhanna and M.V. Rama Rao
  17. Geometric Misfitting in Structures – Interval-Based Approach
    M.V. Rama Rao, R. L. Muhanna, and R. L. Mullen
  18. Engineering Computations of Large Infrastructures in the Presence of Uncertainty
    A. Haldar
  19. Reliability Assessment of Temporary Structures Using Past Performance Information
    J. Mohammadi, M. Modares, and A. Zare Najafabadi
  20. Reliable Condition Assessment of Structures Using Field Measurements and Uncertainty Analyses
    M. Modares, and S. Venkitaraman
  21. Mitigation Measures Evaluation for Concrete Faced Rockfill Dams
    J. E. Quiroz, and M. Modares
  22. Characterization of Water Reclamation Plant Influent: An Application of Cluster Analysis
    J. Zhu, J. Segovia, and P.R. Anderson
  23. Real Time Simulation of Truck Loads for Reliability Based Code Calibration
    G. Fu