[ Agenda ]


All IIT meatings will be held in the Ballroom of Herman Hall on IIT Main Campus. If you are driving to IIT, guest parking is available in the A4 parking lot. Please see the campus map in the link below.

Sunday, May 25 Monday, May 26 Tuesday, May 27 Wednesday, May 28
07:30 AM Shuttle to IIT
08:00 AM Registration-Continental Breakfast Shuttle to IIT Shuttle to IIT
08:30 AM Openning Remarks Registration-Continental Breakfast Registration-Continental Breakfast
09:00 AM Kenote Presentation: Prof. Achintya Haldar Kenote Presentation: Prof. Vladik Kreinovich Kenote Presentation: Dr. Scott Ferson
09:30 AM
10:00 AM Presentation Presentation Presentation
10:30 AM Break Break Break
11:00 AM Presentation Presentation Presentation
11:30 AM Presentation Presentation Presentation
12:00 PM Presentation Presentation Closing Remarks
12:30 PM Lunch Lunch Lunch
01:00 PM
01:30 PM
02:00 PM Presentation Presentation Shuttle to Art Institute of Chicago
02:30 PM Presentation Presentation Art Institute of Chicago
03:00 PM Presentation Presentation
03:30 PM Break Break
04:00 PM Presentation Shuttle to Hyatt Regency Chicago
04:30 PM Presentation
05:00 PM Presentation
05:30 PM Shuttle to Hyatt Regency Chicago Shuttle to Navy Pier
06:00 PM Registration-Ice Breaker @ Trump Tower Grand Salon Formal Banquet Dinner
06:30 PM
07:00 PM
07:30 PM
08:00 PM
08:30 PM
09:00 PM
09:30 PM
09:45 PM Shuttle to Hyatt Regency Chicago