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The 6th Conference on Reliable Engineering Computing (REC2014)
May 25-28, 2014, IIT, Chicago | United States of America

REC2014 is focusing on providing solutions for reliability and computational issues in infrastructural systems. While there is an underlying theoretical framework for Reliable Computing, translation from theory to practice in engineering is still needed. Industry and academia are invited to contribute and to join in the discussions on developments and needs in the field.

This conference is unique in combining computer science, mathematics, and engineering analysis and design to discuss the reliability of engineering computations, providing a common forum by which to continue cross-disciplinary advisements in the field.

Submitted papers will be published in the conference proceedings and also will be available on-line from the conference web site. After the conference, selected papers will be published in a special issue of a selected journal. The papers will go through the normal refereeing process.

Topics include but are not limited to:
- management and processing of uncertainties in infrastructures
- risk analysis, hazard analysis, risk and hazard mitigation
- robust design, reliability-based design, performance-based design

Herein, practical applications and practical challenges may concern, e.g.:
- structures
- systems
- processes
- algorithms

Methods and theories may include, e.g.:
- traditional statistics and probability theory
- Bayesian theory
- imprecise probabilities
- evidence theory
- p-box approach
- fuzzy probability theory
- interval analysis
- fuzzy set theory
- convex modeling
- information gap theory
Contributions are invited with emphasis on both theory and applications.


February 15, 2014: one page abstract submission
February 28, 2014: notification of acceptance
April 30, 2014: paper submission
please check the special issue section

Instructions for abstract submission:

Please submit both the original Word file AND the associated PDF via email to rec2014@iit.edu: with the subject line “REC2014 abstract submission”. Abstracts are limited strictly to ONE page.

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Instructions for paper submission:

Please submit both the original LaTeX / Word file AND the associated PDF via email to rec2014@iit.edu with the subject line “REC2014 paper submission”. Papers are limited strictly to 20 pages.

Paper Templates:

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